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Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor for the 2012 2EndSlavery fund raising ride.  

Through this form, you are pledging to become a ride supporter.  No funds will be collected through this site.  You are only committing to send a donation the the NOT FOR SALE Campaign, or to Redeemed Ministries in Houston,  to fight slavery and human trafficking, and/or to become a prayer supporter for this event.  Once you submit your contact information, you will be directed a page with links to the NOT FOR SALE Campaign donation web site, the Redeemed Ministries web site, International Justice Mission Site  to fulfill your pledge.

Help Blast the Goal: $27,000.00 for the 27,000,000 enslaved
Thanks again!

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 I would like to pledge $27.00 as a symbol of the 27 million people who are enslaved today.
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[Note: total trip length estimated at 10,000 miles]

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 I will be a prayer warrior, praying for the success of the trip, and, most importantly, for the victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery.
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 Feel free to leave a message.  Thank you for your support.