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Chains Breaking Chains: Bikers against Human Trafficking from Carlos Solis on Vimeo.

The Chains Breaking Chains idea is simple, and builds off two well known activities: i) The March of Dimes, and ii) Free2Play initiative from the NotForSale campaign.

Chains Breaking Chains is a fund raising activity focusing on raising awareness about modern day Slavery and Human Trafficking, and funds to combat these.  Today, there are more than 27 million people who are held against their will, and trafficked, as slaves, around the world.  The fruits of slave labor reach every individual in our society.  Slaves are used in the production of coffee, chocolate, tires, shoes, cotton, cell phones, and clothes, to name just a few.  The list goes on and on.  Additionally, girls are trafficked to every corner of the world, kidnapped, or sold by families, to work as slaves in the sex industry.  If you live in Houston, you live in one of the largest human trafficking centers in the U.S.

There are a number of organizations that are working to eradicate slavery, and to educate those that, like me, need to better understand where the needs are, what those needs are, and how to contribute and fund the rescue process through our God given passions.  These organizations also work to address the needs of the rescued, work on prevention, and with legislators to eradicate these inhumane practices.

Chains Breaking Chains is a call for bikers to ride with a purpose that reaches far beyond the satisfactions and pleasures that we normally cite when people ask us “Why We Ride”.  The principle is simple, recruit people to commit a donation for every mile you ride.  In my case, I am seeking donors to commit donations to as I ride from Houston to the Nevada-California state border region, and cross the Mojave Dessert, and Death Valley before returning to Houston.  I will fund the ride myself, so every penny and dollar raised will go to NotForSale. [ PLEDGE FORM ]

In essence,  if you are reading this, I am asking you to become a sponsor by committing funds for the NotForSaleCampaign at the completion of my ride this year.  You can make a $27 pledge in support of the 27 million in chains today.  You can pledge a  certain amount per mile I ride, or pledge a flat rate upon the completion of the ride.  All money will go directly to NotForSale, whit donations processed through their site.

In this process I also will covet your prayers, during the preparation, during the ride, and for my new found call in life

For me, this is a way to try to give meaning to my life, and not remain passive, knowing that a large segment of humanity is being ignored in their oppression.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers.

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