Dec 31

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2011 Last Ride of the year

I wanted to get one last ride in this year.  I had been looking forward to this day.  So, even though the morning fog blanketed the city, and surrounding neighborhoods, I met up with my ridding buddy, and brother, Don Taylor at around ten.  I am sure that people looking at us, riding down the roads, would never think we were riding together; Don on his tricked out, shiny Triumph Street Triple, and me, on my old BMW R1150GS, with faded stickers, spray-painted saddle bags.

It had been a while since we had ridden south, and today, given the just under 3 hours that we had, seemed like a perfect day for it.  We took the old Almeda Road towards Rosharon.  As the traffic thinned out, and the power poles began to lean over the road, hawks and falcons sat on the posts and power lines, lazily looking down at this pair of unlikely riders.

the Real Dawg

We reached Rosharon, and turned towards Damon.  We crossed the mighty Brazos river, and rode on to Damon.  There we sat down to drink coffee, some brotherly chat, and some sharing of my preparations for the Alaska trip.  Even though this is still 6 months into the future, I confess I am just ready to go.  However, I do know that the next 6 months will be absolutely necessary to ensure full preparedness.

Shortly after noon, it was time to head back to Houston.  For this, we chose to go through an unexplored route, taking County Roads 18 and 25, which delivered nice, rough pavement, with a number of chicanes, curious cows, and low flying hawks.

As the year closes, I am thankful for a productive 2011, for family and friends, and the blessing of having the opportunity to serve God by ministering to the oppressed and the enslaved.  In His Grace.


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  1. ELIZABETH Organ (Donna~Betty

    God bless and protect you and yours in the coming year Donna~ Betty

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