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Sep 29

Day 2 Photos

Here is a link to the photos from the Louisiana to Panama City Florida

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Sep 20

Walking and Rolling: The MLK Memorial

This has to stop happening! The minute I stepped out of my cabin this morning, it started raining. I had literally looked out of the window. It was cloudy, but dry. Then, bam! It starts raining. ‘No big deal’, I thought, ‘that’s why I stayed at this camp site, so that I could take the …

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Sep 11

From Panama City

Without Internet I am having to do this with my phone. Not easy. So a brief summary will have to do for now. Ten hours of riding showed me the beauty and the extravaganza of the American life on the Gulf Coast. I saw forests and thousands of homes extracted from Disneyland. I saw a …

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Sep 04

A day of blessing, and other happenings

It is now past 10:30 in Houston.  I just finished watching ‘Remember the Titans’ for the nth time, and like an old marine I once knew, a tears rolled down my eyes, just like the first time I saw it.  This movie always inspires. People coming together, because of the strength of their character, at …

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Aug 16

2011 Chains Breaking Chains: Riding 2 of the 4 sides of the U.S. to end Slavery

By reading the title, you probably do not have an immediate picture of what I mean.  I certainly would not blame you since I, myself, sometimes do not know what I mean.  The 4 sides of the United States that I am envisioning are: 1) the Gulf Coast, 2) the Atlantic Coast, 3) the Pacific …

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