Oct 15

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A day in New Mexico: encounters of the unexpected kind

I did not write yesterday primarily because I was tired, but also, because there was not much to report on.  I left Moab a bit later than I wanted to, mainly because the morning temperatures in Monticello, UT, and Cortez, CO, were being reported in the 30s.  Given that it had rained the night before, I did not want to risk black ice encounters.  I am also not a big fan of riding in cold weather.  This has been a major crimp on this trip, and it has taken some of the joy and purpose away from it.  This is because the constant rerouting, and then the physical wear and tear of the travel has left my spirit with very little desire to take time for meditation and introspection.  Yesterday was probably the coldest riding day of the trip, and I was so bundled up that I felt like the little kid in “The Christmas Story”, like a gorged tick about to explode.
The landscape itself was beautiful, but I always experience a sense of loss when I leave the red and black navajo sandstone behind me.  I made it to Albuquerque about 5:30, arriving at the Bieniarz house, where I always feel so wonderfully welcomed, and experience very warm hospitality.
Today was spent primarily in Santa Fe, a short 45 miles away from Albuquerque, where I arrived around noon.  One objective was to get to the Sandia BMW dealership to get a new front tire.  While the one I had seemed to have enough thread to take me to Houston, I had been bothered over the last few days about the fact that some cracks were showing around the pucks.  What was totally unexpected was that as I rolled into the dealership I saw two motorcycles in the parking lot that I recognized immediately.  They belong to Simon and Lisa Thomas.  These are two Brits that many years ago sold all their belongings and decided to travel around the world by motorcycle as long as they were having fun.  Sandra and I met them in Houston at one of their presentations, and they inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and experience the life I had been longing for.  So, my own long motorbike touring trips were inspired by them.  It was David Batstone, and the Not For Sale campaign, that inspired me to do this with a purpose, and this is, in part how the 2endslavery process got started. 
Simon and Lisa are in Santa Fe, and tomorrow will be making another presentation.  We spent quite a bit of time talking and sharing experiences.  This was quite the unexpected treat.  Now I can say I have photos with 6 ‘famous’ people: Simon and Lisa, Allan Bean, Edward James Olmos, Sandra Organ, and Adelina M. Solis M.
While I was at the dealership, Roxi and Peter Weston, dear friends from Houston, and who spend time in Santa Fe regularly, came to pick me up.  We had a great time eating lunch, and visiting the market place and the local basilica.  From there it was back to Mark and Stephanie’s for an evening with the boys, and a tasting of Taos Burbon.
While I waited for the day to warm up, I spent more time reading The Just Church, by Jim Martin, and thinking about the true magnitude of my worries, irritations, and concerns, and comparing those to the ones of people who historically, or presently, experience real problems, and oppression.   The search for my true mission in life continues, and I hope that, as Martin calls for in the book, I can find the courage, and the way, to step out in faith and trust, to follow and serve where I am called to do so.
Tomorrow I am off to Midland, Texas.  410ish miles.

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