Oct 13

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Starting the Long Way Back Home

Let me start by asking you to consider making a donation tonight.  Here are the donation links for IJM and the Polaris Project.  I have reached they half way point of my journey, but their work seems never ending.
Tomorrow morning I embark on the first leg of the journey home.  I will be riding between Moab, UT, and Albuquerque, NM.  This 300 plus mile leg should see me,. God willing, at the house of Mark and Stephanie B.  This seems to be now part of the ritual.
Today I got up at 7 to gusty winds.  Dawg, I thought.  This is no good for bicycling.  Still, if nothing else, the last few days have showed me that it pays to not make assumptions.  So, I headed out to the bicycle rental place, and, after getting a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels, dual  suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes [really?] is was off on the shuttle to the Slick Rock bike trails. I will just say that I was no match for even the practice look.  This business is in now way anything like road biking.  The equipment used in both vaguely resembles each other but the skills and riding style, are so vastly different that I could not get anything done.  However, this does not mean that there was no fun to be had.  I spent the next 4 hours riding the gravel roads atop of this area, along with getting on jeep tracks that ran over the slick rock, and downhilling it from there.  WOW, what a thrill.  I pushed the bike up  this gigantic smooth rock, and rode down maddeningly fast, jumping and bumping for until I reached the bottom, only to repeat it again.  What was so amazing about this was that this is something I would not have been able to do on the BeMWu.  The slow pace, and the new opportunities that the bicycle provided, opened up a whole new set of freedoms to explore, absorb and experience.  This was true the rest of the time I was on the bike, as I rode Moab’s bicycle friendly paths, all the way to the Colorado River.  It is truly amazing what this community is doing to promote bicycling.  From bicycle friendly paths in the city, to bicycle specific ways along the major canyons.  They even close road sections while they develop new, fancy, bicycle ways.
Once I finished the cycling section of the day, I still needed to talk one more motorcycle ride.  Scenic Byway 128 parallels the Colorado River in an East, North-East direction.  It cuts through majestic canyons of red oxide cliffs.  Just miraculous!  The road is a motorbiker’s paradise, with winding sections and up and down hills.  My objective was to reach the Fisher Towers, a majestic group of rocks, that, well, towers up into the air.  Along the road, I stopped to get some pictures,   and I met two ladies that, if I had to guess were in their sixties, and who were about to finish the La Sal loop [60 miles].  Sandra and Barbara, we have a new goal here. 
Further down the road I decided to take another turn away from the road I already knew, and explore the road to Castle Valley.  Wow, what a great choice.  This leads into a valley [duh] which is flanked by a gigantic rock formation what looks like a Castle on top of a hill, and two small towers on a crest next to it.  Totally awesome.  From there it was back to the scenic byway.  I did get to see the Fisher Towers from the distance, since the road the leads to it is a dirt road, and while it seemed doable on the BeMWu, I have learned not to venture on dirt roads when I am by myself.
It is now dinner time.  After I submit this it will be time to go to my cabin, pack and go to bed.  First thing tomorrow, get a stack of pancakes and hit the road.  I am feeling tremendously blessed today by the gifts and opportunities that I had the choice to experience because I am free,  Please help others enjoy freedom by making a donation to IJM or the Polaris Project.

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  1. Sandra

    so glad it was a exciting day for you, my love!

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