Oct 12

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A Crown Jewel and a Small Tail of the Dragon

This is starting to sound like a broken record, or like we would say in Guatemala. a scratched disc.  So here it goes: “What a difference a day makes” or in this case, “What a difference a few hours make”.  I awakened in another funk. Pretty down with the weather and the seeming lack of experiences.  Trying to figure out how to make this reach the deep levels of excitement and plain old ‘This is what I am talking about’ kinda feeling.  Surely, staying in the cabin was not gonna do it.  So, I just grabbed my stuff and rode into town.  I went over to the bicycle place and they were not doing canyon tours.  Dog!@,  Strike One.  Well, funk is better addressed with a full stomach, so I went to grab breakfast and after getting some protein in me I decided that I needed to create the moment.  So I called the camp site, ask them to extend me for another night in Moab, and then went over to the bicycle rental place and reserved one for tomorrow.  If they were not doing tours, I would make my own.  From there, following Beat’s advice, I was off to look for Corona Arch.
The initial approach is through the same road that takes you from Moab to Arches National Park.  However, before you get there, you take a left hand turn on to Utah 279.  The turn is actually marked as the road to Potash.  I had seen this before, and it always struck me as a road that leads off to some kinds industrial complex on the side of the road.  It seemed at first like a dud. However, all of the sudden you find yourself flanked by the Colorado River on your left, and the most incredible red cliffs on your right.  The cliffs are adorned by the black patina that characterizes the area, and turned out to be a rock climbers paradise.  The cliffs also are adorned, in a couple of places, with ancient petroglyphs.
This was plain old bliss.  I made it to the parking area for the Corona Arch trailhead.  I changed into hiking clothes, and off I was.  The mile and a half hike is a bit more strenuous than one would think, but is is well worth it. Leading to Corona Arch you actually come across two more arches, but nobody pays any attention, seemingly.  To me though, an arch is one of the treasures and gifts of creation.  Even though there were a number of people on the trail and at the site, this is still a less visited site, when compared to Arches National Park.  So, when I finally saw the Corona Arch, I was in heaven.  Corona Arch is a partly freestanding arch with a 140-foot by 105-foot opening. It sits at the edge of the canyon, and next to it is Bowtie Arch, which looks more like a skylight to me.  WIth the blue sky shining through it, I decided, that this is so good, that this would be a good alternative site to have my ashed spread.  Are you listening Sandra and Adelina?
From all this you may justly infer that I finally beat my funk.  Indeed, Corona Arch can definitely be considered one of the crown jewels in my book.
I spent the next several hours walking around in the area, getting off the path and exploring.  At some point, when I ran out of water, it was time to head back to Moab and get lunch.  While waiting for my meal to arrive, I decided that there would be no grander way to end the day than to got watch the sunset at Grand View Point in Canyonlands.  So off I was and indeed it was grand.  You will have to wait for the pictures until I get back. 
Oh yes, and whit is this Dragon Tail business? Well, in almost every motorcycle rider bucket list is riding the tail of the dragon, which is a segment of road in North Carolina which is 11 miles long and has 311 curves. Well, in the last 0.9 miles of road, leading to the Grand View lookout, there are 23 curves. I always considered this exiting little segment my mini Tail of the Dragon.
In the meantime, Good Nite.  And if you like all the stories that freedom makes possible, please consider donating to IJM.  They make freedom possible for those who are otherwise denied.

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