Jul 12

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Down (again)

Going to the Motorcycle hospital 🙁

Adventure travel is not supposed to be this way. Not in my book. I am sitting at the BMW dealership in Albuquerque, NM, waiting on news. For the second time in this trip, the clutch system seems to have some kind of fault. I know that God is ordaining my days, but this is challenging.

A couple of days ago I was in Wendover, and was amazed, one more time by the sunset over the flats. Unlike a few years ago, I had the flats to myself, and was able to spend some time in contemplation, while the sun came in and out from behind clouds, playing with shadows, and color, before setting behind the mountains.

The next morning I rode from Wendover to Moab, UT, one of my favorite places on earth. I spent the following day taking it easy, riding the bike for visit to Dead Horse Point, Island in the Sky, and the Monitor and Merrimack formation. The last one is named so because it amazingly resembles the encounter of the famous civil war iron-clad ships.

I left Moab yesterday morning. I had a heavy spirit and was having a hard time getting out of that funk. Still, I managed to to that and enjoyed a good part of my ride into Albuquerque. Before entertaining New Mexico, while rolling through Monticello, UT, I decided to check the tire pressure, and while it was good, I noticed that the thread on the rear tire was marginal. With about 1,200 miles in front of me I was wondering if it would last all the way to Houston. There was nothing I could do about this at that time, so I kept riding.

As I got closer to Albuquerque, I noticed that my arrival time was around four pm, so I called into a local dealership and made an appointment to get a new rear tire. I made it in with plenty of time, and after about 45 minutes I was on the road again, for just 4 or 5 miles, to the house of our friends, Mark and Stephanie, who moved here from Houston just a few years back. We had a delightful evening, sharing with their church’s community group, and then we spent a couple more hours catching up.

This morning I was all set up to leave for Midland, when, shortly after leaving, like 6 blocks away, the clutch as out again. Same symptoms as in Anchorage. Thankfully this happened where I could pull over in front of a church, and a guy that specializes in motorcycle towing was there withing 30 mins.

Questions remain now. What is going on? How much will it cost? When will it be fixed? Where will my real next stop be?

We shall find out.

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  1. Sandra Organ

    Psalm 139…all your ways are known to Him, as well as the whys.

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