Jun 25

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Across the Yukon and into Alaska

Finally, today I rode into Alaska. The day started just south of Whitehorse. Over night, a couple of showers came down, but in my tent I just heard the rain fall, in the middle of my midnight sun slumber. I packed up and set off. Whitehorse is a lot bigger and more developed than I thought. I stopped briefly to take a photo by a totem. Then, it was the Alcan again. I had begun to think that all the stories about the frost heaves and bowling ball deep potholes were mythologies of travelers that wanted to aggrandize their journey. Not so. The Alcan was saving the hardest for last. The road between Whitehorse and the US border was indeed a combination of heaves, that would often be preceded by potholes, or would hide them after the apex. To this, add several stretches of loose gravel, and mountain pass travel, and you get the perfect combination for slow travel. Yet, the Yukon remains an immensely majestic territory, with expansive forests of conifers, and poplars that take your breath away.

Here, for His Glory!

By late afternoon I arrived at to the Canada-US border. The pass through customs was preceded by a very long wait, where a single line of RVs and campers, cars, and bikers waited patiently to be seen through. After about 1 hour of snail pace crawling, I finally made it to the window. The officer, a good spirited guy who was working a double shift, made me feel welcomed back to the US. Upon asking him about the road conditions between there and Tok, where I had decided to sleep tonight, he said: “Excellent! Good old American roads. Nothing like the [crud] you just left behind”.

Awesome Alaska.

With eighty miles in front of me, I set forth. I was finally in Alaska. True to the officer’s description, the road is top notch. I soon was moving through wonderful twisty ribbons of black top. The marvels of Alaska were slowly and majestically unfolding before me, and all I could do is say “God, what were you thinking?”

It is now past midnight in Houston. And while the sun shines brightly in Alaska, and I feel a deep sense of achievement, powered through by God’s grace, I go to sleep missing, and longing to see, my wife Sandra, and my daughter Adelina.

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