May 11

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Trying to expand my reach: being bold!

Over the last week I have been working trying to expand the reach of this project, by sending information to the media offices at my work, local TV stations, and the top providers for adventure motorcycle gear.  So far, … no answers, except for one decline.  This is not such bold and and crazy behavior you will say, and I agree.

However, yesterday I too the gamble of sending a twitter message to Ewan McGregor.  See if he bites.  And this morning; I sent a quasi press release to the CNN Freedom project.  Lets pray it pays off.

Why all this?  As I put it to CNN: ”

Further, I believe that each of us has a role to play, and can play a role [in bring about the end of slavery], by using our passions in life towards a greater good than our own.
My limitations are simple, I can only reach so many people within the sphere of my relations.  Yet, I do believe in “the power of one” and that one touching one can bring about change.”
Cheers, with 35 day before departure.

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