May 06

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40 days to go: Training for off roading

Today was a day that provided me with more evidence (as if it was necessary) that God does provide for my needs.  As the date for the departure has drawn closer, I have been trying to figure out how to get some schooling on off-road riding.  The premier place to do this is the RawHide Adventure Motorcycle School in California.  However, this requires an additional one week commitment away from work, and this is a very costly, while worthwhile, event.

He steps in, and just before leaving work on Friday, I get this e-mail, stating that RawHide would be hosting a one day clinic in Houston today.  The cost? Free.  Whoa.  So here I go, and I spent the day learning how to ride slowly. Very slow. Less than 5 miles an hour slow, while a guy waves his arms in my face (pretending to be branches,  walking next to me, and suddenly tugging my bike from behind.  That was lesson one.  To top it off I met Jerry there.  He is an awesome guy who rides a red VStrom and made this trip last year.  You can read all about it on his blog.

In the afternoon we learned hard breaking techniques, and turning. The latter made me think of my wife Sandra’s ballet skills. It is so counter intuitive for people like me who have ridden on the road for the most part of our lives. Instead of leaning into turns, you stand, on the balls of your feet, and lean away from the turn. Here is a video of my instructor in action

I am really thankful to the RawHide guys for the amazing clinic.  You guys do not know how much this means for my trip, and how much it will impact the cause.

Thanks a bunch to Jerry too, and all the wisdom he shared.

And of course, to our loving Father, in whom all is possible.

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