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A day of blessing, and other happenings

It is now past 10:30 in Houston.  I just finished watching ‘Remember the Titans’ for the nth time, and like an old marine I once knew, a tears rolled down my eyes, just like the first time I saw it.  This movie always inspires. People coming together, because of the strength of their character, at a time when the color of their skin would have opened wide chasms between.  Young men, coming together when their neighbors, and sometimes families, wanted to pull them apart, and head in the opposite direction.  What a story to watch, when the hope in my heart, and in my soul, continues to be that people would come together to bring down the walls that hide behind them millions who suffer in the dark shadows of modern day slavery.

The day started like many other Sundays have for more than six years.  A day of worship and fellowship at City of Refuge Church.  It was a different kind of service for me though, because three different people stepped up to the pulpit and prayed for me, and for the Chain Breaking Chains ride, for the people held in bondage in our world today.  This was especially significant, and touching for me, since our church community typically prays once, during service, for people who travel, or depart on mission trips.  So a triple blessing and the promise of corporate prayers was a particularly invigorating experience.

There was also a moment of humor in the worship service.  About a third into the service, our worship leader started praying for those who were sick,  and not three words had been uttered, when I felt something in my mouth.  I opened it, and out came the cap of one of my molars.  Without any warning at all, it was there, just floating on my tongue.  I was about to put it in my pocket, when Sandra produced a small, empty tin of Altoids, where we saved it for later.  I am still struggling with the spiritual meaning of this, but losing a cap in the middle of a healing prayer MUST mean something.  Maybe you, wise reader, can help me with that.

After service, we went to lunch with some friends.  I had a great time, and enjoyed a large bowl of Pho with chicken and rice noodles.  Lunch was followed by a visit to the drug store, to get some temporary glue for my tooth cap.  As I arrived home, and after reading the instructions carefully, I looked at the tooth cap and tried to figure out which way it should be glued on the tooth.  So I carefully cleaned it, and went to the bathroom to figure out how to fit it.  After a couple of tried and looking at the shape of my gum line I figured out the direction, tried it and sure enough, the cap went right in.  Problem is, I could not get it out, and the problem is, I still have not put any glue on it.  So, what to do?  I dunno.  I guess I will add temporary tooth cap glue to my tool pack for the trip, just in case it falls out due to my jaws chattering along the road.

Mohawk. Its a tradition!

Oh yes, and by the way, even though I decided to postpone the trip for a week, this did not mean I should postpone the mohawk for a week, so my head is now enjoying the breeze.  I only hope that the white skin on my partially shaved scalp tans quickly.

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  1. Sandra

    he went to the dentist…on the advice of his best man, Joe—-.that might have been what God was telling him to do before he left, perhaps?

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